In Hong Kong, where land is scarce and space is precious, a safe deposit box service is in high demand, especially as many traditional banks have ceased to provide the service, withhold the ser-vice for privileged clients only, or have a long waiting lists. Premium is conveniently located, has reasonable charges, professionally equipped, state-of-the-art security facilities and abundant depos-it boxes in various sizes, to suit your needs. Easy to use and apply, all you need is your identifica-tion document and to visit us in person.

Premium’ s signature 3-layer security system, includes 24-hour surveillance and alarm system in-stalled and monitored by Chubb. A leader in the security industry, Chubb’ s mother company, United Technologies Corporation, is listed on the Dow Jones, and Chubb has been entrusted with the secu-rity of major institutions like banks, government facilities, infrastructure, and data centres in over 180 countries.
All deposit boxes are heavily insured and have all-round protection. For further enquiries, feel free to call our customer hotline or visit us in person.

Premium’s vault is secured by a strict humidity, temperature, alarm and fire safety system, ensuring your property is protected to the highest international standards. For fire safety, Premium employs the superior Novec 1230 fire suppression system, where a clean agent is used instead of a traditional water spray, as the latter may risk damaging clients’ valuables; ensuring utmost security for legal documents (eg. property assignment) or collectibles like stamps or artwork. This advanced system is usually used only in large data processing centres.

Anyone aged 18 or above. The application process is extremely efficient and hassle-free, Hong Kong residents only need to provide an HKID card, and non-residents a valid passport.

Premium’s vault is secured by 360-degree surveillance with no blind spots. However, with custom-ers’ privacy in mind, we also designed two independent private rooms for you to rest and organise personal items, where you are free from any camera surveillance.

Except living organisms, inflammables, explosives, or anything that is against the law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, customers are welcome to store any personal items at Premi-um.

A designated “Demonstration Area” is set up to provide a real-life test-bed and immediate trial: customers commit only after working out what they need.

One deposit box can have up to two associates, allowing them each the right to access the vault individually. Premium’s staff members do not have access to individual boxes without the client’s presence and his/her key and card.

Customers are welcome to visit us anytime from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. To shorten the waiting time, you may also call our customer hotline (+852 2323 7686), or make an online appointment prior to your visit. Please bring your ID, key and electronic key card with you, to access the deposit box.

Yes, each safe deposit box already includes (provided by AXA) the maxium insurance cover up to HK$1 million, which does not require additional charges. Such high cost performance is unmatched by other service providers. This double guarantee advantage is also the customers’ confidence indicator of our service safety and quality!

We will contact you a month before the rental agreement ends. If you fail to contact us a month af-ter the agreement ends, we consider it a lapse of agreement and withhold any legal right to dispose of items inside the deposit box.

Once rented, customers receive a personalised key and electronic key card. In case of lost, please contact Premium asap to arrange a replacement.