Our Philosophy

Despite high and consistent demand for safe deposit box services throughout the decades, some mainstream service providers have ceased to provide them, due to high land prices or relocation, making the situation worse than ever. It occurred to us that with so many professional, independent and well-established enterprises providing safe deposit box services abroad, why the absence in Hong Kong? This question led us to explore this new market, and supply a secure safe deposit box service to serve both the public and corporate market.

Who is Premium?

Established in 2018, Premium was founded by a group of property investment and security experts, with the goal of providing a top-notch safe deposit box service. Our professional team has invested millions of dollars to establish a safe deposit box service that maintains your privacy, security and comfort. Our headquarters in Kadoorie Lookout, Ho Man Tin, a highly-developed but tranquil area where commercial and residential activities are clustered, make it the perfect location to safeguard your company’s assets or personal belongings.

In Hong Kong, where land is scarce and space is precious, we believe a personalised safe deposit box, to safeguard your valuables and mementos, is the one luxury that everyone needs – Premium strives for a secure, user-friendly and professional environment, so that everyone can afford premium protection for their property at a very reasonable price.

Our Partners

In order to provide the Premium service, we carefully picked the most experienced and qualified enterprises as our collaborating partners.

For the total security system, CHUBB, an international security group with nearly 200 years’experience, is entrusted with designing, building and maintaining the whole vault structure and the surveillance and alarm system; all the deposit boxes and our custom, random personalised key system (ISKS) are tailor-made by SAFEWELL, a brand with multiple security qualifications, that was awarded “Hong Kong Top Brand” by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council.

Carrot Home Technology, a subsidiary of HKC International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 248), developed a Dynamic Monitor System (DMS) and Access Control System (ACS), to monitor, in real-time, all movements inside the vault, to provide synergy and mutual support with the CHUBB security system. For fire safety, Lap Feng Fire Engineering Co. Ltd, with over 25 years of experience, is our designated fire service contractor, providing us with the Grade A advanced Novec 1230 fire suppression system.