PREMIUM Advantage

Reasonable Charge, Flexible Terms

Premium is proud to provide a top-notch safe deposit box service at an affordable price, provid-ing the comfort of a flexible rent period and a variety of box sizes to suit your needs.

Signature 3-layer Security System

Chubb, the renowned international security group is responsible for the 24-hour surveillance and alarm system. Every safe deposit box is linked to a computer alarm system, and each customer is given a personalised key and electronic key card. Our vault is engineered with state-of-the-art humidity, temperature monitoring and fire protection systems.

Convenient Location & Long Service Hours

Strategically-placed in a central location with extra-long hours of service, we hope to find a com-fortable distance between you and your valuables, and make your every visit to Premium an easy one.

Hassle-free Express Application

No long waiting list or complicated procedures, you only need your HKID card or passport, for easy application to immediately enjoy our distinctive service.

Market Comparison

Premium operates 365 days a year with extra-long service hours, to provide customers with the most convenient and desirable safe deposit box service.

With transparent fees, subject to box size and rental period, which customers can decide according to their need our service is highly-competitive, compared to other bank safe deposit box services, as we combine top-notch security and impeccable service with a reasonable and affordable price.

Comparison between PREMIUM and others

Premium Safe Deposit Box ServiceRegular Bank Safe Deposit Box Service
Service Period365 days a yearOffice hour only, exclude public holidays
Operating Hour9:00 am - 9:00 pm9:00 am - 5:00 pm
ApplicationEasy to apply, active immediatelyMostly restricted to privileged clients only
QuantityAbundant supply, no waiting listIn scarcity and long waiting list
Vault SecurityAccess via password, fingerprint recognition, personalised key and digital cardAccess via traditional key
PrivacyCCTV-free private room inside the vault for clients to spend time with their belongings at ease and comfortNo private room and limited space
Security systemEvery deposit box is linked to an independent surveillance system; Any unauthorised access will trigger the alarm automaticallyBasic surveillance facility with traditional CCTV
Fire systemNovec 1230 fire suppression systemTraditional water spray sprinkler system in most cases
Double InsuranceEach deposit box is titled to a “All Risks” protection insurance valued at HK$ 1 millionBasic insurance (eg. Home insurance valued at around HK$20,000 protection), or not insured