How to Rent

Be aged 18 or above

Hong Kong residents: Bring original copy of your HKID card

Non-Hong Kong residents:Bring a valid passport

You will enjoy:

Personalised key and electronic key card

Once rented, you will be given a personalised key and electronic key card. Together with the elec-tronic card and monitoring system controlled by our staff, you will have exclusive access in and out of the vault, and the right to open your own deposit box. (By customer demand, each box can have up to two associates).

Your own private mo-ments

Premium understands the importance of privacy, so despite our total surveillance policy, we have installed two CCTV-free private glass rooms inside the vault, to let you have your own private mo-ments with your personal items.

High-specification safe deposit box

A high-specification safe deposit box that meets the highest international standards, we also provide a variety of sizes for you to choose. Every deposit box is linked to a security computer sys-tem; in the unlikely event of an unauthorised approach to the box, the alarm system will be trig-gered immediately.

Highest level of security

International security group Chubb is responsible for the safety of your property 24 hours a day. State-of-the-art humidity, temperature, alarm and fire safety systems guarantee the highest level of security possible.